Pop up Camper Dimensions: What You Need to Know

pop up camper dimensions

Fold-out or pop up camper trailers are compact towable vehicles. With their expandable canvas or hard walls, they go from the average rectangular-shaped trailer to one with triangular roofs, at least for most models. Others will simply look taller due to their retractable roof. These roofs allow for more space inside the often-constricting trailer.

Compared to any other towable trailer out there, pop up campers weigh practically the least. What about the rest of the dimensions?

Knowing the dimensions of your trailer is a necessity. If you own a pop up camper or were thinking of buying one, make sure you read this article first!

6 Types of Pop up Campers

Before we discuss pop up camper dimensions, let’s get into the various types of trailers that are classified as pop ups.

1. Flip-out Campers

Flip-out campers are like the trailer we described in the intro. These vehicles may have triangular-shaped roofs made of canvas or another durable tenting material. The roof expands overhead for more space.

2. A-Frame Campers

Opposite of the flip-out camper is the A-frame camper. The entirety of this pop-up camper is made of fiberglass, steel, and other hard materials. The roof will fold open and closed rather than expand.

3. Off-Road Pop ups

More likely to be a hard trailer, off-road pop up campers are designed to go just about anywhere. For that reason, they have raised suspension and are built from more durable materials. Don’t expect canvas roofs here.

4. Toy Hauler Pop ups

Toy haulers are among the most compact trailers. When you combine pop ups with toy haulers, you get a trailer with an open cargo deck and a sleek, small size. That gives you more towing options, such as motorcycles and even ATVs.

5. Motorcycle Pop up Campers

If you do have a motorcycle, then shop for a motorcycle pop up camper. These campers are smaller and less weighty so you can use your motorcycle to tow them.

6. High-Wall Pop ups

If a pop up trailer feels a little too constricting to you, a high-wall camper might make up for it. These vehicles include a tall box interior. You can enjoy storage areas and even kitchen countertops in there!

Pop Up Camper Dimensions

Average Pop Up Camper Length

When a pop up camper manufacturer lists the trailer’s length, they are often referring to box length, which includes the retractable roofs. However, the roofs are not open when this measurement is taken. On the smaller side of things, pop up campers may start at a length of eight feet. Bigger ones may be as long as 16 feet.

To get the length of the pop up camper with its roof open, you’d simply take your base length and multiply it by two. If you had an eight-foot camper, then, it’d be 16 feet with its roof up. Your 16-foot trailer would be 32 feet when fully open.

Average Pop Up Camper Width

All other dimensions account for the pop up camper’s retractable roofs being closed too, including the vehicle’s width. Since these are smaller trailers, many pop ups aren’t very wide.

The average width of a pop up camper starts at seven feet and may be as much as seven feet and six inches.

Average Pop Up Camper Height

Again, due to their compact size, the average pop up camper isn’t exceedingly tall. There are some high-wall models, such as Forest River’s Rockwood Hard Slide High Wall Series. These are A-frame camper-trailers that do not have canvas roofs. The roofs go up, of course, and are foldable.

Looking at a specific floorplan of the Rockwood, the A192HW, the exterior height of this trailer is five feet and five inches. That’s taller than average. Pop up campers that do not have high walls will be anywhere from four feet, six inches to five feet.

Average Pop Up Camper Weight

One of the best features of pop up campers besides their awesome retractable roofs is that they’re so lightweight. Smaller, slimmer vehicles may be 700 pounds while some of the heavier pop-ups out there clock in at 3,800 pounds. That gives you the freedom to use almost any towing vehicle you want to pull a pop up camper. Remember, motorcycles are fair game, so too would be cars and of course trucks and SUVs.

Why Do You Need to Know Your Pop Up Camper Dimensions?

There are many reasons you need to know the dimensions of your pop up camper.

If you want to buy a cover for your pop up camper (which is wise), then having the dimensions of your trailer will definitely come in handy.

Another reason you need to take your measurements before you buy is to prepare storage space. Since most pop up campers are rather compact, that’s good news for you. You can likely stash your camper in your garage or even your driveway instead of paying for offsite storage over the winter. You will of course have to check your zoning regulations, community guidelines, and the opinions of your neighbors before parking your camper.

You should also take your camper’s dimensions to determine your towing vehicle of choice. While yes, it’s true that you can use almost any and every vehicle under the sun to pull a pop up camper, this isn’t always the case. That’s especially true for bigger, longer, and often heavier campers.

Finally, if you ever plan to stay overnight at a campsite, it helps to know whether your trailer can fit. Since you’re pulling a pop up camper, almost any setup should work. Even if you’re driving a bigger vehicle like a truck or SUV, you shouldn’t exceed the max length requirement.


Pop up trailers are known for their protruding, retractable roofs. These may be made of a malleable yet tough canvas or a hardened fiberglass or steel. When open, some pop-up campers aretriangular in shape while others become taller and more rectangular.

[box] Knowing your pop up trailer’s height, width, length, and weight can help you in several situations. These include offseason storage, overnight campsite stays, trailer cover shopping, and more. With a tape measure and another willing party, you can quickly figure out the dimensions of your own pop up trailer. Good luck![/box]

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